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New small German business for educational wooden toys

  • Sind Hausarbeiten gut für Kinder?

    Are chores good for kids?

    The Transformative Power of Household Chores for Children: Building Skills for a Lifetime Hello, wonderful parents and caregivers of future leaders! Welcome back to our Wisewoodz Blog, where we explore...

    Anna Schmidt |

  • Warum positive Affirmationen gut für Kinder sind.

    Why Positive affirmations are good for children.

    The Posi-Vibes Mirror: Reflecting Confidence and Positivity into Your Child's Life 🌈🌳 Greetings, Wisewoodz Family! 🌲✨ Today, we bring you an inspiring journey into the world of positive affirmations and...

    Anna Schmidt |

  • Die skurrile Welt des Holzspielzeugs

    Whimsical World of Wooden Toys

    Wooden toys, crafted from renewable resources, are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Their durability allows them to become family heirlooms, passed down through generations. Their simple design and natural textures foster imaginative...

    Anna Schmidt |

  • Das Klassenzimmer der Natur für Kinder

    Nature's Classroom

    Outdoor learning bolsters cognitive growth and physical health. Engaging activities convert nature into an interactive classroom. Children learn social skills and stress management in a natural setting. Delve into data-backed...

    Anna Schmidt |

  • Das Playbook für Play - wie es neue Dinge für Kinder einführt

    The Playbook for Play

    Unveil your new educational toy in style to stimulate your child's curiosity and excitement. Allow your child to lead the play, enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills. Use the toy...

    Anna Schmidt |

  • Montessori Lernen & Aktivitäten

    Montessori Learning & Activities

    The Montessori method, developed in the early 1900s, focuses on child-centered education, encouraging hands-on, self-paced exploration, and nurturing the child's natural curiosity and independence. This approach offers benefits such as...

    Anna Schmidt |

  • Die Liebe zu nachhaltigem Spielzeug und Montessori-Lernen

    The Joy of Sustainable Toys and Montessori-Style Learning

    Explore the perfect blend of wooden toys and Montessori-style learning, designed to nurture your child's development and our planet: Dive into the eco-friendly world of wooden toys, designed for durability...

    Anna Schmidt |