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New small German business for educational wooden toys

Developed in Munich with 💚

Aiming to inspire young people to adopt healthy habits with fun toys and tools. Made in Germany from FSC-certified quality wood.

About Us

 Based in Germany, our cozy family business turns playtime into a journey of exploration, growth, fun and a source for developing strong healthy habit and self-esteem.
 Please learn more about our values and mission here.


  • We make toys from FSC wood and strive for the best environmental practices. Together we are working towards a better and more thoughtful future, one season at a time.

  • Our toys encourage curiosity and inspire little explorers to gain confidence and independence by applying the principles of Montessori learning.

  • Whether it's difficult to concentrate or not, our toys turn those moments into engaging opportunities to gain knowledge.

  • Wisewoodz toys are architects of healthy habits, constructors of good routines and catalysts for self-confidence. Each creation is playful and clever, paving the way for healthy self-confidence.

The team

We are a German/Irish family business that specializes in health and product design.