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New small German business for educational wooden toys

Designed in Munich with 💚

Aiming to inspire young people to adopt healthy habits with fun toys and tools. Made in Germany from FSC-certified quality wood.



Before diving into the fun world of chores and rewards, let's set up your Chores Master! Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Place your product face down. If you're setting up the Posi Vibes mirror, please protect the mirror by placing it on a soft surface like a towel.
  2. Find the connector piece with a more straight angle and snap it into the top back section of the product, as shown in image 2. It may require a bit of pressure, but this ensures stability.
  3. Snap the other connector piece into the other top section, following the guidance in image 3.
  4. Raise the product into an upright position. Attach the connector piece with the opposite shaped angle side into the base section.
  5. Repeat point 4 with the remaining connector piece.
  6. Now your product stands firm and looks fantastic! For the Posi Vibes mirror, remember to keep it out of reach of children aged 5 or under, as it is a mirror and needs to be treated with care.


Chores Master isn't just any toy, it's a tool for growth, responsibility, and self-reliance! Here's how to get started:

  1. Make the unboxing a celebration! Kids love surprises, so let their excitement build as you reveal the Chores Master.
  2. Let your child explore the toy. Show them how to mark chores as complete and earn rewards, then let them take the lead.
  3. Establish the rules together. Discuss which chores they'll tackle and what rewards they can earn. Remember, this isn't just about getting chores done. It's about teaching responsibility, cause and effect, and the value of hard work.
  4. Celebrate each completed chore like a big victory! Praise their hard work and the growth it signifies.



Add personal touches to your Chores Master with non-permanent markers. Perhaps your child can color in a chore once it's complete, or draw their reward! Remember, customised games can't make a return journey to us.



Chores Master is more than a fun game. It's also a way to build healthy habits, instill responsibility, and boost self-esteem. Your child learns the joy of accomplishment with each completed chore and each earned reward.



When it's time to part ways with your Chores Master, let's do it responsibly. Chores Master is made from recyclable birch plywood. Consider recycling or composting it, or donating it to a school or community center. Let's keep its journey as sustainable as its inception!

Chores Master is more than a toy. It's a stepping stone to responsibility, self-esteem, and independence. So, let's get started and make chores a fun, rewarding adventure!

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