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Wisewoodz Junior Sudoku Whizz: Product tip and tricks

Helpful Hints:

  1. Make sure to be patient and persistent while playing. Remember, it's not about winning or losing, but about the journey of learning.
  2. Encourage your child to make guesses. There's no harm in trying and every mistake is a learning opportunity.
  3. Celebrate the small victories. Even solving a small part of the puzzle is a huge achievement.

How to Play:

  1. Choose a game start from the PDF included with your purchase. If it's a number game, place the corresponding number tile on the game board. For a letter game, assign a number to each letter (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D) and follow the number game instructions. For a shape game, follow the number game instructions but use the corresponding shape (1=Square, 2=Circle, 3=Triangle, 4=Polygon).
  2. Fill in the rest of the board, ensuring that each row, column, and color-marked section contains unique numbers, letters, or shapes, with no repetitions.
  3. Each block should have only one of each element and so should each row, use logic and be wise to figure out the solution.

Turning 'The Playbook for Play' Into Action: Remember, each child is different. What excites one might not interest another. The key is to keep experimenting and learning. If your child is hesitant about the game, encourage them to just place a few tiles first. Show enthusiasm and share the joy of solving puzzles.

Creative Customisations: You can encourage your child to decorate the wooden tiles with safe, water-based paints. Not only will this make the game more personal to them, but it will also stimulate their creative thinking. Please note that customized products cannot be returned.

Educational Sprinkles: Wisewoodz Junior Sudoku Whizz is a bundle of fun and learning. It promotes:

  1. Mathematical Thinking: Sudoku puzzles challenge your child to use logic and deduction, improving their mathematical thinking.
  2. Cognitive Development: Solving Sudoku puzzles promotes problem-solving skills and an understanding of cause and effect.
  3. Memory and Concentration: Engaging with Sudoku puzzles can help enhance your child's memory and concentration by keeping their mind active.

Saying Goodbye: Our toys are designed to last, but we understand that there may come a time when you need to say goodbye. When that time comes, please remember that our toys are made from wood and are recyclable and biodegradable. You can also consider donating the game to schools, libraries, or charity organizations where it can continue to provide educational fun.